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NOV TONGS- TONG DIES: We offer genuine NOV tong dies with their superior quality to ensure consistent fit and quality. The NOV dies and inserts have improved performance and lower cost. we offer the mission manufactures dies inserts and spare parts for use in the oilfield handling tool industry. NOV is a name you can count on for quality tong dies. and NOV is the OEM for brands like Varco, cdi, BJ dies and the inserts.



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Diamond tooth

Die Slot CDI Tooth# Size Place of Use OEM Reference# Weight
1" 6419020 3/8"X1"X3-7/8" BJ Powermatic Tong, FARR Power Tong ' Weatherford 5 1/2" and 7 5/8" Tong N/A 0.38
1" 6419062 3/8"X1"X5-3/4" WEB WILSON Type B and Old Style AAX BJ B+V "BV-37" N/A 0.5
5/8" 6440428 3/8"X5/8"X4-1/2" Hillman-Kelley Standard
All Sizes Drill Pipe and Casing Power Tongs
N/A 0.24
1-1/4" 6419518 1/2"X1-1/4"X3-7/8" BJ Drill Pipe Power, Tong Eckel 5 1/2" - 30" Power Tongs Farr Power Tongs N/A 0.55
1-1/4" 6419577 1/2"X1-1/4"X5" BJ Types SDD, C, F and LF TongĀ  BJ Power Casing Tong (4 1/2" - 13 3/8" WOOLLEY Type Super C, SLF and SDD Tong 16401-6 0.75
1-1/4" 6419666 1/2"X1-1/4"X5-7/8" BJ Type B and DB Tongs
WEB WILSON Types AAX, H and AAX-ST-160
WOOLLEY Type Super A
16402-6 0.84